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The following incident types are not listed due to confidentiality, to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations and to protect victims as required by law:

Rape  Domestic Violence
Child Abuse / Corporal Injury on a child    Child Molestation
Criminal / Terrorist Threats    Alleged Mentally ill Subjects
Annoying / Molesting a Child    Violent Mentally ill Subjects
Suspected Adult Abuse    Suspected Child Abuse
Search Warrant Service     Hate Crime Reports

Event Number Location Description Call Date Police Beat Council District
Event Number Location Description Call Date Police Beat Council District

About OPD Calls for Service

The Oakland Police Department is providing call for service information to the public through this site. This information is being provided to allow the community an opportunity to see the volume and police activity that occurs in the City of Oakland. You will be able to request calls for service by beat. The information is updated simultaneously as calls for services are generated by the Oakland Police Communications Section.

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